Chicagoland Deaf Seniors Field Trip to Lake Geneva, WI and Harvard, IL

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Lot of hearing teachers think that Cued Speech or Oral will help deaf students to have better English writing or reading which isn’t true.  All information is false. I had struggled to learn oral and my English is fair because I didn’t have enough educations Most the hearing teachers worried about my oral skills. Most deaf students struggled to learn English like what I had.

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Doctors & American Sign Language Interpreters

Summary: This video is about Doctors & American Sign Language Interpreters


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Video Relay Interpreter

Lutheran General Hospital won’t provide live ASL Interpreter They use Video Relay Interpreter which has bad pictures because of the poor network.. U can email or call them by Ph. 847-723-6011 or email:

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Sugar Factory Restaurant

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Interview with Matt & Liliana Morgan

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2Toots Train Whistle

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